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During the airing of a Cash Cab episode several years ago, host Ben Bailey asked the question:  "What iconic hot cocoa brand was invented by an American of Sicilian descent?" or something close to that effect.  The answer, of course, was Swiss Miss.  For the other folks in the room's benefit, I chimed in with "And Uncle Chuck was that inventor".   "Uncle Chuck" was Charles Sanna, inventor extraordinaire, of Madison, Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, the world...
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What we, as Americans, usuallly hear about Afghanistan and its inhabitants is couched in terms of the War in Afghanistan.  For almost 15 years, United States forces have been militarily embedded in the country, having joined NATO and other allies in the latest, ongoing Afghan civil war which revolved and still revolves around the Taliban's control of the country.  America's stated goal was to aid in the efforts to dismantle "Al-Queda".  One of the major...
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